Use C++ libraries from Rust

Running generator

Note: as described above, it’s recommended to use docker for creating a suitable environment.

The generator itself (ritual) is a library which exposes API for configurating different aspects of the process. In order to run the generator and produce an output crate, one must use a binary crate (such as qt_ritual) and launch the generator using its API.

Qt crates can be generated like this:

cd ritual
cargo run --release --bin qt_ritual -- /path/to/workspace -c qt_core -o main

The workspace directory will be used for storing databases, temporary files, and the generated crates. Use the same workspace directory for all Qt crates to make sure that ritual can use types from previously generated crates.

Similarly, this is how cpp_std can be generated:

cargo run --release --bin std_ritual -- /path/to/workspace -c cpp_std -o main